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Hauck Painting & Decorating offers the full range of professional painting and decorating services, using only top of the line products. And yes, as we are often asked, we DO use clean drop cloths to protect your floors and furniture. Beyond the standard services offered by most house painters, we provide wallpaper removal and hanging, the installation of crown moldings and other finish trim, unique faux finishes, all the while providing invaluable help in color coordination to help in keeping up with changing styles within the framework of your own personal tastes.

Unique Faux Finishes

As an alternative to the services provided by most painting contractors, Hauck Decorating offers both the usual and unusual in faux finishes and artistic creations. From the most subtle style of color washing, to the hottest contemporary finish, and all stripes of expressionism in between, we can create the perfect look for your home. For just a hint of the amazing things we can do with paint, check out some of these unique finishes by using the navigation on the left.


Wallpaper, for so long out of the picture, is coming back into favor. With this in mind, many painting contractors are getting back into “the game.” With the creation of prepasted wallpapers, many mistakenly assume the job has become easier to manage. Don’t make that mistake yourself. Neither should it be assumed that all “professionals” know what they are doing, either – especially those offering low prices.

On occasion, we at Hauck Decorating are called in to repair wallpaper with popping seams. Most of the time, repairs are not possible. More often, however, we are requested to remove the existing wall coverings and either hang new paper or simply paint over the surfaces. Far too often, when removed, the paper takes a goodly portion of the wall surfaces off with it. In both instances, this is because the surfaces were not properly prepared to accept the old coverings. Proper preparation is vital, not only for keeping the wallpaper on the wall, but for ease in removal of it when its time is done. The frequency in which this occurs is the main reason that paper removal is most often a loss leader in our business.

When faced with such a problem, the most common question from our customer is, “Why didn’t the paper hanger do the job right? Occasionally the answer has to do with ignorance, but more often it is related to cost. It takes time to do the job right, and time is money. When a professional contracts at the lowest bid, he (or she) is interested in one thing – getting done and getting out. Hauck Decorating, on the other hand, is most interested in doing the job right. We know what it takes to please our customers and we price the job accordingly.

Your wallpaper represents a sizable investment. Do not make a mistake that will cost much more to correct in the future.

Crown Moldings and Other Finishing Trim

Some time ago, Helen looked over her redecorated bedroom and said to me, “There is still something missing.

In a rare moment of male weakness, I opened my mouth and admitted as much with two words, “Crown moldings.”

“Oh, yes, yes, that is exactly what it lacks!” she cried out happily as I covered my face in chagrin. The result, as predicted, was most effective.

Not only did the enameled woodwork cap off her decorative vision; but it, also, covered up a world of structural sins. The uneven and oft separating corner bead between wall and ceiling was covered over. Gone, too, were the reoccurring nail pops along those overly stressed ceiling lines – and, MY, how it set off the effect of her deep rich colors.

Chair rail and crown moldings can do much to improve the look of most any room – especially that of a formal dining room. However, the installation of crown molding takes specialized talents. The angles, unlike those of standard trim, are complex. The effect of badly installed crown (that which is improperly mitered at the corners and mid joints or securely fastened to the surface) is far worse than no crown at all. We have all been amazed at the condition of poorly constructed houses.

It is my experience that pure carpenters have little concern for the difficulties the ensuing painters will have in making the job look good. They are most interested in completing the required number of “units” in the proscribed period of time. Not only that, finish carpentry takes more than simple skills; it requires an artistic touch. Just look at the way many chair rails are finished off at their ends: simply lopped off and caulked instead of mitered with a finished end as they should be.

We at Hauck Decorating are fully accomplished at installing both simple and complex moldings. As a result, the fact that your painting and finish trim needs can be taken care of by the same contractor at the same time will save on both the cost AND inconvenience of having to deal with more than one contractor.

Be sure to contact Helen for your free estimate.