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Would you allow just ANYONE to come into your home and trust them to do a professional job of painting? No, of course not! Then why apply lower standards to those same strangers with regard to your exterior painting? What could happen? There's more than spilt paint and sloppy work to consider.

In order to legally drive an automobile, we are required to qualify for a license and provide proof of insurance. Why not require the same standards of house painters? Of course, anybody can buy a minivan, a few ladders and tools, and pass themselves off as a qualified professional. There is no license required, and "references" can often be contrived. But, there is one standard you can require that narrows the field. Ask for proof of insurance.

Proof of sufficient insurance shows a professional attitude towards the realities of business. Any qualified professional will provide an up to date certificate of insurance upon request. Unless you know what you're dealing with, don't sign without it. Just imagine what might happen if an uninsured individual were to be injured while working for you on your property? I've just dealt with a customer who's siding was dented by the handyman who painted her trim. "That's just the way it is," he said. "Nothing can be done about it, now." Last year I served as an expert witness in court for a homeowner whose aluminum siding was slopped up with paint. The painter, who tried to "fix things" by painting over the spots had no insurance to cover the damages.  "The paint will eventually match the siding color" was his answer. Even though the customer won in court, the house is still a polka-dotted mess. Who will pay when your siding is damaged or spotted with pain drips? What do you have to lose, indeed!


I remember watching a crew of college kids painting my neighbor's house. I noticed the lack of proper preparation going into the project. I also noticed the poor quality of material being used.

When I confronted my neighbor, he admitted to not caring much about anything but price, since his house was up for sale. But, a year afterwards, the new neighbor sprang for vinyl siding and cladding over the horribly peeling paint. What a crime! Don't let this sort of thing happen to you. There is no substitute for experience married to a concern for the value of a good reputation. Always ask for at least three recent recommendations.

Hauck Decorating has been the family business since 1933. Our only advertisement, other than a phone listing, is how we put our family name on the line with each and every job. We cannot afford an unhappy customer, so we cannot afford to hire just anyone, either.


Hauck Decorating takes the same care with your flowers and shrubbery as we do with your rugs and furniture. Also, no one product is suitable for every situation. Proper application of the correct product adds to the longevity of your paint job. The inexperienced misuse of the wrong product will produce a disaster you will have to deal with for years to come. Three cheaper jobs paid for in the same time span over which one proper job endures will radically alter the cost/benefit ratio. But, it takes knowledgeable technicians who care about their craftsmanship to produce such a consistently superior product.

Value Added

We also replace or repair rotten wood trim. And we can renew faded aluminum siding with a special paint created just for that purpose. Yes, there is an economical solution to the pink siding on that house you've just purchased. But, it takes understanding of surfaces and treatments to do a quality and enduring job.

This kind of care and knowledge is worth paying for. Always keep in mind how the after-taste of poor quality lingers on long after the sweet flavor of low price is forgotten. Call (847) 816-4850 now for your free estimate.