Hauck Decorating
Vernon Hills, Illinois  •  847.816.4850

“The bitter taste of bad quality lingers long after the memory of low price is forgotten.”

Our Professional Crew:
- Doesn't smoke on the job
- Is prompt and courteous
- Takes the time to do it right
No Missed Appointments
"Must'a just went fishin'."
Not Overpriced
"There's a sucker born every minute."
Not Underpriced
"Clueless and desperately in need of work. If it sounds too good to be true, you won't even get what you pay for."

About Us

Reliability, Professionalism & Creativity

Not too long ago at the paint store, I was accosted by a "contemporary."
"How can you allow a WOMAN to tell you what to do?" (my wife is my partner)

The counterman answered,
"They seem to be quite successful doing it that way."

The painter replied,
"I'd rather be a failure than have a WOMAN tell ME what to do!"

My answer was,
"You seem to have gotten your wish."

Indeed, most tradesmen are too busy with the day's work to worry about appointments and such. By now you must be well aware of that reputation.

What's the Big Deal? Any Idiot Can Paint a House.

Funny, I just heard that from a potential customer as we looked over the damage caused to his house by the "friend of a relative." Paint drips on
his siding had  been "touched up" with a paint that was "almost" the same
as his siding leaving his house to look like--well, now he's going to court to attempt recovering  the cost of painting his aluminum siding to look like aluminum siding.

Insurance? We Don't Need No Stinking Insurance!

Don't be fooled. Business liability and workers' comp. is expensive and many cut corners in an attempt to undercut legitimate businesses. An uninsured accident could cost you your house.

If you're uncertain, ask for a certificate of insurance.

Avoid Living a Horror Story

Don't be like those customers who lament, "I wish I'd known you before I wasted all this money. Helen has the perfect color sense and decorating balance to help you avoid an expensive disaster. Call her at (847) 816-4850.

This Partnership Really Works

First of all, anybody can buy a station wagon (mini-van, etc.), a few ladders and such, and pass themselves off as a house painter. Just call up a dozen and request an estimate; you'll get a sociological education. Even investigative TV has done reports on what you're likely to find.

Helen promptly sees that all calls are returned and that all appointments are kept on time. I, on the other hand, dream, day and night, of new and unique ways to decorate your walls--well, more often at night. During the day I actualize those visions--once I am reminded of which finish belongs to which customer and where I am supposed to be, that is.